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LBMA Precious Metal

Precious Metal

Purchase gold or silver produced by refiners accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). These are subject to the industry’s most stringent quality standards that are recognized globally and guarantee the quality and tradability of your metal.
Bullion Made to Order

Bullion Made to Order

Have your gold or silver bullion made to order from the finest refiners, guaranteeing the recent provenance and integrity of your metal.
Direct Ownership

Direct Ownership

Become the direct and only owner with titled ownership of the bullion you store with us. Your gold or silver is no one’s liability and appears on no one’s balance sheet. Therefore, you are not exposed to any credit or insolvency risk of our company or of any intermediary.

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US$/oz : Gold - 1 day Gold - 1 month Gold - 1 year
US$/oz : Silver - 1 day Silver - 1 month Silver - 1 year
US$/oz : Platinum - 1 day Platinum - 1 month Platinum - 1 year
US$/oz : Palladium - 1 day Palladium - 1 month Palladium - 1 year

Live Spot Price

Metal US$/Oz US$/Gram
Gold 1,223.50 39.34
Silver 18.45 0.59
Platinum 1,346.00 43.27
Palladium 827.00 26.59

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