Global Precious Metals allows you to:

  1. Buy the finest physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) at the most competitive prices.
  2. Securely store them in fully segregated and insured vaults at the location of your choice.
  3. Withdraw your holdings with several options at your convenience.

Message from the Chairman, David Fergusson

Welcome to Global Precious Metals.

Being part of a Group which has more than 50 years history, Global Precious Metals is ideally positioned to secure the long term custody of your physical precious metals:

Global Precious Metal provides a full suite of services related to investment in physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) and allows you to:

We look forward to serving you.

David Fergusson,

Chairman of the Board

Live Charts

US$/oz : Gold - 1 day Gold - 1 month Gold - 1 year
US$/oz : Silver - 1 day Silver - 1 month Silver - 1 year
US$/oz : Platinum - 1 day Platinum - 1 month Platinum - 1 year
US$/oz : Palladium - 1 day Palladium - 1 month Palladium - 1 year

Live Spot Price

Metal US$/Oz US$/Gram
Gold 1,223.30 39.33
Silver 18.43 0.59
Platinum 1,349.00 43.37
Palladium 827.00 26.59

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